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Why Humile?

Humile (pronounce hu’mile’) corresponds to humility, unpretentious and natural. Acknowledging the fact that we are not perfect and people we dealt with are aware of this.
We Love What We Do

Humile Holistic Approach


Leadership | Team | Individual Development Lab

Discovery process enable people to focus on what is important based on a hybrid of personality inventory and unique talent DNA to fuel engagement, productivity and a happier worklife.

Mindfulness Space

Transformantional experiences backed by neuroscience. Emotional competencies to enhance mental well being, resilience, stress management, compassion and performance.

We Love What We Do

Humile Holistic Approach


Negotiation Institute

Designing and executing negotiation strategies that is mutually benefical to all partners. Maximizing value creation in agreements despite multiple demands and conflicting interests


Integrative Coaching

Holistic approach to reinforce competencies, multiply the return on investment in development by increasing sustainable behaviour change and improving performance. Making a huge difference in people’s lives by helping them integrate all of their potentials.


Our programs provide a powerful framework for building better relationships.


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