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Transformantional experiences backed by neuroscience. Enhance emotional competencies to strengthen mental well being, health, resilience, stress management, compassion and workplace performance.

Mindfulness Essentials

Duration: (2 hours x 4 sessions)
30 minutes orientation session

Program 1

Getting Started with Mindfulness

Physical exercise is important to keep yourself healthy and active

It helps to increase or maintain muscle strength, improve mobility…etc. We may not be aware how to exercise the brain to achieve optimal Mental Well Being, experts call it bicep curls for the brain and aerobics for the mind. Mindfulness is like exercise, a form of mental exercise. 

Several studies and research have shown that mindfulness can make people happier in the long run, and the technique is also being used in psychological therapy to treat patients with anxiety and depression. Other scientifically backed benefits include: 

Better immune functioning and pain management
Reduced levels of anxiety, depression, anger and stress
More positive emotions including self-compassion, empathy and satisfaction with life
Greater productivity with improved focus, attention and ability to multitask
Enhanced quality of sleep
Better cardiovascular health
Reduced chronic pain

Other than for Individuals & Communities who can benefit from Mindfulness practice, Organizations such as Google, General Mills, Intel, Aetan, Goldman Sachs increasing turn to mindfulness practice and in Salesforce, Mindfulness is deeply rooted in their culture. Do they know something others are not aware of? 

Scientific Based Research on Mindfulness by Healthhub.sg (initiative by the Ministry of Health, Health Promotion Board & other public Healthcare institutions) suggest that 

Mindfulness, or the mental practice of being aware of the present moment, is a powerful way to regain balance and wellbeing in a busy world. 

Research from 163 different studies suggested that mindfulness-meditation practice had an overall positive effect on improving anxiety and stress management.  

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