Negotiation Institute

Explore negotiation skills as an advanced level of communication competencies. It comprises of abilities such as effective communication, dealing with difficult people, situation planning, conflicts management, strategizing, tactics…etc. The purpose is to engage in a dialogue aiming to achieve the best possible outcome for all partners.

Negotiation Strategies

Duration: 2 days

Program 1

Negotiation Strategies


Strengthen your negotiation capabilities

We are all negotiating at some point of time in our life. Strengthen your negotiation capabilities with collaborative strategies to build better partnerships. 


Maximize value creation

Maximize value creation in conversations, embracing differences and conflicts. 


Challenging and action-oriented

Challenging and action-oriented environment where negotiation simulations help to facilitate learning.  


•Examine the core framework, appreciating your natural talents and playing it to your strengths on the negotiation table

• Identify key motivation and thrive in the given environment

• Explore the process, structures, values and the various range of opportunities and alternatives.

• Internalize the zone of possible agreement and manage the exchange of consideration

• Navigate personality differences, acknowledging the diverse pressure, responding to conflicts and building successful relationships

• Explore interpersonal dynamics, tactics and emotions

• One of the key valuable learnings where application of competencies is prevalent and peer feedback are valuable in a professional level

• Forging valuable agreement and disagreement

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